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The first 5000 members of each country will receive a free membership and zero monthly fees on the debit card for the first 3 months, which includes and not limited to the following benefits:

1. Life Insurance (up to $10,000)
2. Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance.
3. "Double your Balance - Accident" benefit.
4. "Double your Balance Life" benefit.
5. Private Passenger Automobile Accidental Death Insurance.
6. Common Carrier Accidental Death Insurance.
7. Permanent & Total Disability lump sum benefit.

8. Price Protection / Low price guarantee.
9. Extended Service Protection.
10. Warranty Registration.
11. Emergency Travel assistance.
12. Emergency Medical Assistance.
13. Emergency medical evacuation.
14 Zero Monthly debit card fees and more....


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